Products and Services

BUILDING SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT (HVAC+S) / High quality technical equipment creates a comfortable, efficient and safe environment for your buildings. Our many years of experience in the fields of HVAC system installations (heating, ventilation, A/C) and control systems guarantees uncompromising quality and long-term operational sustainability. The result is reliable and efficient operation.

FACILITY SERVICES / Our long-term experience in building services are defined by the quality and professionalism of our company to manage and maintain office buildings, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Our work includes technical equipment and manufacturing technologies. We do it right and efficiently.

ENERGY PROJECTS / Our modern approach to addressing customer needs in the areas of fuel and energy ensures efficient operation of all technological and production aspects of buildings and factories. Our projects reduce energy consumption and are environment-friendly.

ENGINEERING / Our team is made up of tried-and-tested expert project leaders to ensure the highest quality implementation and full customer satisfaction. We help you take your good idea from inception through implementation, all the way to operation and beyond. We focus on all aspects of our projects and our goal is to design and implement efficient and reliable equipment for long-term sustainability.