Building Services and Equipment

Heating - delivery and installation of heating systems for administrative, manufacturing, warehouse and commercial buildings (radiators, floor heating, warm air units, radiant strips, etc.). The most common source of heat are gas boilers, heat pumps, heat exchangers and distributed heat sources (infrared heaters, gas warm-air units, etc.) and we keep up with the newest technologies.

Cooling - delivery and installation of cooling systems, including ducts and insulation for building equipment,technology and manufacturing processes.

Ventilation and air conditioning - delivery and installation of ventilation and air conditioning equipment, including distributioninsulation and ducts for administrative, social, manufacturing, retail space and technological processes.

Sanitary – above-ground water supply and sewage systems including delivery and installation of sanitary ware and fittings.

Gas Appliances - delivery and installation of pressure-reduction and gas-measurement equipment, STL and NTL (low and medium pressure) gas lines and gas appliances.

Vacuum roofdrainage - delivery and installation of vacuum roof drainage systems in PVC or HD PE (OK), including insulation against condensation.

Compressed air - delivery and installation of compressors, accessories and compressed air distribution. We commonly use copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, welded pipes (steel, stainless steel, plastic) or modular systems.