We provide comprehensive care and services for your project from inception to completion. Throughout our project, we provide all administrative activities and complex solutions. This service includes consulting a variety of experts essential for managing the project and its three phases:

Preparatory phase

  • Definition of basic objectives
  • Initial drafts for construction and technological documentation
  • Development of studies and reports (noise, light,dust) studies, expert specialist opinions, etc.)
  • Preparation of documentation for building permits and statements from all concerned departments and individuals
  • Arranging planning permission, land management and construction permits
  • Development of construction budget and documentation for suppliers 
  • Evaluation of tenders and offers (single-objective, multi-criteria, according to the law, etc.), including obtaining expert opinions for special areas
  • Advice on, and preparation of, contracts surrounding the project

Implementation phase

  • Technical supervision, supervisionfor investors
  • Coordination of various suppliers
  • Constant supervision of the work, plus revisions, inspections, etc.